Are There Cheap Haircuts Near Me? You Bet! Here's Where... (2023)

Have you been asking, “Are there cheap haircuts near me?” Yes, there are and here’s where to find them!

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Trim your hair, not your savings.

How much are you spending on haircuts each year? If you’ve been analyzing your budget and wondering where you can save money, look at your grooming expenses. According to a recent update from Yelp, companies are charging men an average of $45 and charging women an average of $65 for a haircut. If you visit the salon every 6-8 weeks, you’re potentially spending hundreds of dollars a year. 😱

Instead, save by using coupons from Groupon or Living Social. Also, if you’re only getting a basic cut or trim, skip the fancy spa and consider using a budget salon instead. Not only can you save money, but a lot of these places take walk-ins. If you google, “cheap haircuts near me,” some of these less-expensive salons might pop up on your search. To save you some time, here are some places to visit when you’re looking for an affordable haircut.

Asking, “What’s the cheapest haircut near me?” Here are 8 salons to try:

1. Hip2Save’s Lina saves money at Fantastic Sam’s.

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HIp2Save’s Lina always has super cute hairstyles. And guess what? She almost always has her hair done at one of the several affordable salons on this list, including Fantastic Sam’s.

Each Fantastic Sam’s location is independently owned so prices may vary by location. A good way to find the price at your local salon is to download the Fantastic Sam’s app. You can compare prices at different locations and find which offer rewards programs. You can also reserve a time if you know when you’d like to go.

Hair cuts at Fantastic Sam’s always include a FREE shampoo. At my local salon in a populated area, both a Mens Cut and a Ladies Cut are $24. You can add a blowdry for an extra $7. Also, select locations may offer a military discount. For example, active military members can score a cut for just $19 at the salon in Becker, MN.

“I try to go to fancy salons and end up back at Fantastic Sam’s with a coupon!” – Lina, Hip2Save team

2. Great Clips can be found all over the country and they have a senior discount.

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Great clips is a popular affordable salon with some 4,100 locations around the country. Each location is independently owned so prices and services may vary by location, but the salon by me offers Men’s and Women’s Cuts for just $20.

Many locations, like mine, offer senior priced haircuts for $2 less and some might even add a senior discount on top of that price. My location also has $18 haircuts for children 10 and under. Visit the Great Clips website to see prices near you.

One great feature about Great Clips is that walk-ins are welcome and you can see your local wait time on both the Great Clips website and their app. Before heading to your salon, sign up for promotional emails to snag a one-time Great Clips coupon for $2 off!

“I get my hair cut about every 6 weeks.[Great Clips] really does save me a lot. I also love their app and can check in online and get right in!” – Laurie, Hip2Save reader

3. First time visitors to Sports Clips can upgrade to the MVP service for FREE.

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Sports Clips has really been making buzz the past few years. They specialize in haircuts for men and boys but they will also style women too. Their standard haircut costs $19 near me, but what they’re known for is their MVP experience. The MVP service consists of a precision haircut, a signature hot steamed towel service, a 7-point massaging shampoo, and a neck and shoulder treatment (not available in Washington or Oregon). The MVP service costs around $24, but first time visitors can get this upgrade FREE of charge!

One thing to love about Sports Clips is that they regularly give back to the community and on Veteran’s Day, many locations offer FREE haircuts to military members and vets. Some locations also offer military and first responder discounts all year round – just ask your local salon. Plus, they offer reduced prices for seniors and children.

Sports Clips has over 1,900 locations. To find one near you, visit their website or download their app. If you use their app, you can check in online, find out your wait time, and see your spot in line. Also, if you sign up for emails, you might just get some special offers!

“I go to Sports Clips, and pay about $25 for the “MVP” experience; which includes the haircut, washing, and a head massage – the BEST. And then they have a “Season Pass Bundle” I always get that allows for even more savings.”
Shane, Hip2Save team

4. Hair Cuttery loves offering promotions and they are running several deals right now.

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Many of the Hair Cuttery salons near me receive between 4 to 5 stars. One of my friends gets her hair done here and she always gets compliments. By me, the standard shampoo and haircut costs $26 and with blowdry it costs $37. Kids haircuts start at $17 and buzz cuts at $16. To find a location and pricing near you, download the Hair Cuttery App or use their Find A Salon webpage.

Never visit the salon without checking their promotions page or app to see current offers. Right now you’ll find coupons like 10% off when you sign up for emails, $5 off when you sign up for SMS messages, and 10% off your first color treatment. They also have 10% off for seniors and 10% off for military, veterans, and frontline workers!

Hip Tip: Hip2Save reader, Anna, has been a stylist for over 20 years. She recommends you use the same stylist each time you visit a budget salon. That way you can provide your stylist feedback and your haircuts can improve with each cut.

5. Supercuts includes a Hot Towel Refresher for FREE.

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Another walk-in salon option is Supercuts. They have over 2,200 locations and were recently named one of the top 3 places to score a cheap haircut by You Probably Need A Haircut.

The salon near me charges $18.99 for a standard Supercut (blow dry not included). With every haircut, they offer you a Hot Towel Refresher service. To get exclusive deals, sign up for their promotional emails.

To find a salon near you, visit the Supercuts website or download their app which has online check-in and reservations. I will say the Supercuts in my area have very mixed reviews. If you plan to hit up these salons, make sure to choose a location or stylist with a higher rating.

“I usually get my hair trimmed somewhere cheap once a year and then go to a nicer salon/stylist to get a few highlights and another trim 1-2 times a year. Last time I went I had a coupon for a free Supercuts haircut, so I only paid for the tip.” – Kim, Hip2Save reader

6. Beauty Schools like the Paul Mitchell Beauty & Cosmetology School or the Aveda Institute offer cheap haircuts to the public.

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Many beauty schools offer guest services to the public. Services and pricing can vary, but you’re guaranteed to get a pretty great price. Some even do the cut for free with a suggested donation of $5 to $15 dollars.

Some notable schools with locations across the country include the Paul Mitchell Beauty & Cosmetology School and the Aveda Institute. All services are performed under instructor supervision so you’ll most likely score a great haircut and help out a student in the process.

“I also use the beauty school nearby. Paul Mitchell. They are very good. One of the instructors is a great gentleman who cuts and styles my hair almost entirely, just to teach the future stylist. After Aretha Franklin passed, I saw my good friend on the local news: he was her personal stylist! My mouth just dropped! I love him!” – Mirela, Hip2Save reader

“We have an Aveda Institute in town where I get a wash, cut, and blow out for $15. The services are provided by students, but are supervised by instructors. While the service might take a bit longer, I’ve always been very pleased with the results. In order for a student to complete the program, s/he must fulfill a required amount of service hours. The facility is happy to receive the clientele from the community. It’s a win-win situation for both!” – RMC, Hip2Save reader

7. Score a cheap haircut from a mobile hairstylist.

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To avoid salon overhead, many talented hairstylists work out of their own homes or will come to you. Without all the salon expenses, many of these stylists can offer you a budget haircut. Do a quick Google search or inquire with your local Nextdoor App or neighborhood Facebook community to see if anyone in your area offers affordable services.

If you have a friend who is a hairstylist, they might offer cheap services too. Hip2Save’s Sara has a hairstylist friend who cuts her daughters hair for just $10!

8. Visit your local barbershop for an expert cut at a great price.

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Barbershops are considerably cheaper than salons, but the haircuts are high-quality. Barbers are experts at what they do. Though they specialize in men and children’s cuts, many barbers can do a simple woman’s cut also. My local barbershop charges $23 for a men’s cut, $17 for a child’s cut, $15 for a buzz cut, and $40 for a women’s cut which includes styling.

“I pay $60 including tip for my two boys together. We have the cutest little old fashioned barber shop here and they just love it!” – Jenna, Hip2Save team

Or, consider cutting your own hair like Hip2Save team members, Chelsey and Soleil.

Are There Cheap Haircuts Near Me? You Bet! Here's Where... (10)

When I polled the Hip2Save team, most of us were paying somewhere between $45 and $95 for a shampoo, haircut, and blowout. Those getting coloring services were spending even more. Several of us have started only going to the salon a few times a year to cut down on the cost!

When Chelsey and Soleil piped up to say they cut their own hair, we were all amazed. Both of their hairstyles look absolutely fantastic and they are saving a boatload of money. 🙌 Some of the team was inspired to try trimming their own hair, myself included!

Are There Cheap Haircuts Near Me? You Bet! Here's Where... (11)

Chelsey says her best tips for cutting hair are the unicorn method and cutting ‘curtain bangs’ on the diagonal. She shared this handy tutorial video and you can find many more tutorials online!

Just checkout how cute Chelsey’s DIY haircut looks… 😍

Are There Cheap Haircuts Near Me? You Bet! Here's Where... (12)

“For the unicorn method it’s as easy as bunching all of your hair into a ponytail at the front/ center of your forehead– this ponytail should be super tight and smooth (no bumps at all)! Then you just cut a straight line (like Soleil, I just use scissors that have a good rating and grab a new pair once dull. I havethis pair).

Once you’re happy with the length/ line you can even add ‘texture’ like at the salon by making small cuts vertically. Then, while it’s still wet, I remove the ponytail and make any adjustments with my hair down as needed. This unicorn method is what gives it the different layers, I don’t do anything extra.

For the bangs, you basically make an X across your face when you cut each side.

Like I said, my motto has always been: hair is hair 🤷🏻‍♀️so I think you have to trust the process a bit (& know that it grows back! 😆 But I’ve probably cut my hair with this method 5+ times and am happy with the (FREE) results!”
– Chelsey, Hip2Save team

Soleil’s hairstyle is always a hit! She follows the Curly Girl Method…

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“I don’t trust anyone with my curly hair so I cut it myself. Bought a $20 scissors kit on Amazon and haven’t looked back. I cut it a few weeks ago (a whole 12 inches off, believe it or not!) and I love it so much. I used to get a DevaCut a good decade ago and would spend $150+ on a hair cut. Killed me. They would go too short or make it too round. Found a few tutorials on YouTube, I follow the Curly Girl Method normally, and I just cut along the “c” of the curl and add layers. I love it! “ – Soleil, Hip2Save team

Have children? Here are some tips for getting a cheap kids haircuts:

  • Visit one of the budget salons listed above. Most of them offer kids haircuts for between $14 – $19.
  • Visit a beauty school for a discounted cut or even a FREE haircut.
  • Look for coupons online or in your mail. Groupon and Living Social often have coupons for haircuts.
  • Check for pay-your-age discounts. HIp2Save’s Jenna has a salon near her that gives a 5-year-old a $5 haircut.
  • Swap services with a family member or friend who cuts hair. For example, trade babysitting or piano lessons for a haircut.
  • Do it yourself with a razor or hair cutting scissors. Youtube has TONS of tutorials!

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