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  1. Question:How Do Families With Toddlers Sleep in Hotel Rooms?
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    • Skip the Hotel
    • Get Out of Sight
    • Keep Kids Up Later
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  • Question: Where Does the Baby Sleep When the Hotel Has No Crib?
    • ‪FamiliesGo! says: Try inflatable bed rails or creative pillow use
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    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (1)

    Question:How Do Families With Toddlers Sleep in Hotel Rooms?

    This is one of these things about family travel that I really don’t understand. There are entire cities where there don’t seem to be any hotels that have suites.

    Where does a baby or toddler sleep in a hotel room?

    How do you share a hotel room with littel kids and make sure that they get enough sleep without going to bed yourself at 7:30?

    ‪FamiliesGo! says:

    Sharing a hotel room with a baby, toddler or preschooler is one of the perennial challenges of family vacations. There are rare parents lucky enough to have kids who fall asleep with lights and even the TV on.

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    For the rest of us there is no ideal solution, just a lot of improvising. The good news is that it gets easier as kids get older, fall asleep later and adjust to new settings more easily.

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (2)

    One thing we have working in our favor is that families are usually pretty active on vacation, so kids are tired and ready to fall asleep at bedtime. Some sleep more easily and more deeply than they do at home.

    Here are a tips for sharing a hotel room with kids. Let us know what works for you.

    Skip the Hotel

    The first option is to give up on hotels entirely for a few years and to use services like VRBO to find a house or an apartment.

    You give up conveniences like housekeeping, pool and a restaurant just downstairs, but you gain a living room, which makes bedtime and naptime more manageable. And you have a kitchen, which is handy with kids.

    If you really prefer or need to be in a hotel there are tricks to try.

    Get Out of Sight

    If you’re visiting a beach destination book a hotel with a balcony or patio. That can become the second room where you hang out and read during naps or have a glass of wine and talk after bedtime.

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (3)

    No balcony? Then the answer is to find a way to hide, either yourselves or the baby.

    We’ve turned the lights out temporarily and then turned them back on again after we were sure Tiny Traveler was sound asleep. If she stayed asleep we read or watched Netflix with the sound low on a tablet or laptop.

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    In hotels with nice bathrooms we’ve also hung out in the bathroom (the sink is handy for chilling wine) to read and talk.

    If kids are still in a crib or playard some parents position it in the small foyer area by the door or, if the sink is outside of the bathroom, in that alcove.

    That can be enough distance to convince babies you aren’t in the room so they’ll settle down and sleep.

    Jessica Bowers of Suitcases and Sippy Cups travels with an expandable shower rod that she can put up and hang a light blanket over to further separate the playard in the foyer from the rest of the room.

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (4)

    With kids who are sleeping in beds Kate Kristian Spiller from Wild Tales Of‪ uses strong tape or a travel clothesline and a sheet to divide her hotel room in two.

    Bowers has also draped a light blanket over a crib or playard. She says this can be enough to convince babies that you’ve left the room.

    Just leave room between the crib and the wall and only cover three sides so there is ventilation.

    Need a playard: These days my reader are choosing the Guava Lotus Travel Crib and the Chicco Alfa Lite travel playards. Both have a lightweight frame that supports a mesh frame and a side opening in case you need to be at the bay’s level.

    You can remove the mesh from the fram completely and toss it in washing machine, which is quite handy since accidents are more likely to happen when you’re traveling and out of your routine. The Guava carrying bag has backpack straps so your hands are free for kids and other luggage. The Chicco folds up rectangular and flatter than some portable cribs do, which can make it easier to pack in the car.

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (5)

    Parents like the Joovy Gloo portable travel tent (above) for babies and toddlers so much that it sells out during peak travel seasons.

    Travel blogger Lillie Marshall recommends a really light pop-up tentwhen kids outgrow the Joovy. Travel writer LiLing Pang and several readers have used the KidCo Pea Pod for toddlers and preschoolers. “It’s super lightweight. We would put a sheet over it to create a dark room and use a white-noise machine to mask our movements. You can even put it on top of the bed.”

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (6)

    My readers have lately been keen on the Slumberpod blackout cover. It’s domes so it will fit over a wide range of travel cribs and playards to keep light out and give you privacy. It has an inside pocket for your baby monitor and a fan that nests in the top if the canopy for more air circulation. These are nice extras I haven’t see everywhere.

    Another reader favorite it the SnoozeShade Pack & Play Canopy. It sits flat on top of the travel crib and has a top opening for reaching in to pickup your child. It has mesh windows on each side with flaps you can roll up and down to provide air circulation and a little. When it’s closed it blocks out 98% of light and folds up to fit in your suitcase.

    We’ve also brought baby monitors with us so we could leave the hotel room and hang out in the lounge or bar while Tiny Traveler fell asleep. Baby monitors have gotten smaller and better since we were using one, making this tactic even easier.

    Whether you try it will still depend on the layout of the hotel and and if you’re close enough to your room in those common areas to feel comfortable popping out.

    Keep Kids Up Later

    Finally, once Tiny Traveler was 5 or so we would let her stay up later than usual on vacation. We often go to bed earlier on vacation so this closed the gap between our bedtime and hers quite a bit.

    This will only work out well though, if your kids will sleep a little later in the morning. If they’re up at 6:00 AM no matter when they go to bed this will result in overtired cranky kids, and nothing kills a vacation faster than that.

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    Question: Where Does the Baby Sleep When the Hotel Has No Crib?

    At home we often lie down with our 19-month old until he falls asleep and then we put him back in his crib. When we travel sometimes the hotel has no crib or it’s easier to just let him stay with us all night.

    But there isn’t room for three of us in a double bed and we’re afraid he’ll role off a regular bed if he sleeps there by himself.

    What are our options for sleeping in a hotel room with a baby?

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (7)

    ‪FamiliesGo! says: Try inflatable bed rails or creative pillow use

    When we couldn’t get a crib I used to line the extra hotel pillows up on either side of my daughter. Or line them up one side if you’re co- sleeping.

    Unless you have a really active sleeper it should enough to keep her in the middle.

    Tiny Traveler also liked to sleep perpendicular to the headboard. It gave her a wall to nestle into and that made her less likely to roll off. You can try positioning your child that way and see if that works.

    You can also ask for a room with one king instead of two doubles. With a little one, three can sleep pretty comfortably in the bigger bed.

    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (8)

    Several of our readers like inflatable bed rails from Shrunks. It’s yet another thing to carry but could be just the thing you need for a year or two.

    Several readers like the bed bumpers and toddler travel beds from Hiccapop, too.

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    Here Are Our Best Tips For Sharing A Hotel Room With A Toddler (9)

    Have a question on family travel? Ask FamiliesGo! and we’ll do our best to answer your email and here on the website.



    How do you share a hotel room with a toddler and a baby? ›

    If your child sleeps in his own bed at home, he needs to be in his own bed in the hotel. Don't try to bed won't go well for any of you! Many hotels have the option of renting a rollaway crib, or you can bring a bassinet (for smaller babies) or pack'n'play for your child to sleep in while you travel.

    How do you share a room with a baby hotel? ›

    10 Tips for Staying in a Hotel or Airbnb With a Baby
    1. Put the Baby in the Bathroom (Yes, Really) ...
    2. Bring Your Own Blackout Shades. ...
    3. Keep Milk Cold. ...
    4. Stick to the Routine. ...
    5. Don't Always Adjust to a New Time Zone. ...
    6. Know Your Method for Sterilizing on the Road. ...
    7. Pack Wisely. ...
    8. Travel With Tape.
    Apr 4, 2023

    Can you share a room with a 2 year old? ›

    After six months, there's no problem with your baby and your toddler sharing a room, provided that they both sleep well. In fact, being together at night-time may enhance your children's relationship and even increase their sense of comfort and security while they're both young.

    Can you leave toddler in hotel room with monitor? ›

    Monitor or no monitor, resist the temptation, even if your hotel room is within sight. Children are unpredictable, electronic devices are not 100% reliable, or something could happen that makes it hard for you to get back to your room quickly…it's not worth the risk.

    How do I make my toddler hotel room safe? ›

    Tape any loose electric and phone cords to the floor and wall. Tape over the bathroom door lock so kids can't lock themselves in. Use tape and a washcloth to cover any sharp furniture or wall corners. Remove plastic bags from trash cans and put the cans out of a child's reach.

    What should I bring to a hotel with my toddler? ›

    What to Pack for a Hotel Stay with a Baby or Toddler
    • Extra diapers and wipes.
    • Your own pack n play or travel bassinet.
    • Familiar comfort item/lovey (9 months +)
    • Books/toys for daytime entertainment.
    • SlumberPod + fan.
    • Sound machine / white noise.
    • Stocked diaper bag/travel bag.
    Jun 15, 2021

    What age is best for room sharing? ›

    Room-sharing basics

    Ideally, children who share a room should be as close in age as possible. A 3-year-old and a 6-year-old are more likely to have compatible schedules than a teenager and a baby. (Gender is a factor for many families, although this is not related to sleep.)

    What does a 2 year old sleep in on vacation? ›

    Can my 2-year-old sleep in a travel cot? Certain travel cots are appropriate for 2-year-olds, but young 2-year-olds who haven't yet transitioned to a toddler bed may be more comfortable and safer in more crib-like pack-and-plays or travel beds with safety rails.

    Do you have to tell a hotel you are bringing a baby? ›

    Yes, it is necessary to mention a child when booking a hotel online. This is because hotels often have different policies and rates for children, so they need to know how many people are in the party and their ages in order to provide an accurate quote.

    Can 3 people stay in a room for 2 in a hotel? ›

    Hotel staff do care if three people are staying in a room booked for two people. Depending on the hotel, they may charge an additional fee or require that you book another room to accommodate the third person.

    Do hotels charge extra for 2 people? ›

    Hotel room rates are based on double occupancy. You usually don't have to pay extra for kids in the room. But hotels often charge $20 to $50 per additional adult per night, Banas says. To avoid this fee, you need to be aware of it before you book so that you can search for another hotel that doesn't charge it.

    How long can children stay in same room? ›

    As kids grow up they might want more privacy and need their own space, especially if they're sharing a bedroom with a brother or sister. While it's not illegal for them to share, it's recommended that children over the age of 10 should have their own bedrooms – even if they're siblings or step-siblings.

    Can I share a room with my 3 year old? ›

    The simple answer: any age, but I recommend waiting until the youngest is at LEAST 2.5 years old (sleep regressions before then happen almost every 6 months, yikes!). If you decide to move your children into the same room, read the below and follow the steps, and manage your own expectations.

    Is it better for toddlers to share a room? ›

    Few kids actually like to share, but it's an important skill that they need to learn. And room-sharing is a great place to start. child and family therapist and parenting expert Joanna Seidel says, “Kids who share a room will learn how to respect each other and develop patience and understanding.

    How do I get my two toddlers to sleep in the same room? ›

    Staggering bedtimes is the key to getting two kids to sleep peacefully in the same room. Generally, putting one child to bed at 7:00 p.m. and the other at 8:00 p.m. is a fairly solid set up. This gives the first child enough time to be fully asleep when the other child gets in bed.

    At what age can kids sleep together? ›

    Beginning at the age of 1, co-sleeping is generally considered safe. In fact, the older a child gets, the less risky it becomes, as they are more readily able to move, roll over, and free themselves from restraint. Co-sleeping with an infant under 12 months of age, on the other hand, is potentially dangerous.

    Is it okay to share a room with your child? ›

    If children are of the same sex, sharing a room as long as both children are comfortable doing so is just fine. If your children are close and feel comfortable sharing their space and possessions, sharing a room can build a bond that will last a lifetime, so a children's bunk bed may be the perfect option.

    Can a hotel charge you for child peeing the bed? ›

    If you are travelling with your kid who still wet their bed, it can add to the stress. Your child may get embarrassed about the situation. It may also be embarrassing for the parents who have to call hotel services to change the sheets and clean up. Some hotels may even charge extra fees for bedwetting incidents.

    Do toddlers count as hotel guests? ›

    Do kids count as hotel guests? Policy varies by chain, but typically kids under 18 stay free in the parents room. Check policy with the hotel when making your reservation. While the kids may be free, if you require a crib or roll-a-way, there may be an additional charge.

    What is allowed screen time for toddlers? ›

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends avoiding screens for children younger than 18 to 24 months, except when video chatting with family. The AAP also recommends limiting screen use for preschool children, ages 2 to 5, to just one hour a day of high-quality programming (think Sesame Street or PBS).

    How do I stop my toddler from opening the door in the hotel? ›

    Childproof door handles are a good place to start. You'll want something that can be installed quickly and easily, as well as be removed without any damage or unsightly marks left behind. Once in place, it can not only keep everyone safe and inside, but they can keep you from accidentally getting locked out, as well.

    How can I be more secure in a hotel room? ›

    Hotel Room Security Tips for Travelers
    1. Always request a room on an upper floor, if possible.
    2. A solid door with a good deadbolt lock is best.
    3. Electronic card access locks help limit access.
    4. Make sure your door has a peephole and night latch and use it.
    5. Turn on the TV or radio just loud enough to hear through the door.
    Jan 30, 2023

    How to cook toddler food in hotel? ›

    In a standard hotel room usually an Electric kettle is provided which can be used to prepare Homemade cerelac, oatmeal, sooji porridge. You can use ready to eat packaged purees by Happibo / Heinz / Gerber / Happytot in case of unavailability of hot water / kettle. These do not require refrigeration.

    How do you travel with a toddler sleeping arrangements? ›

    Make the sleep environment as familiar as possible for your child. This includes bringing familiar smelling sheets for the pack'n'play or crib for babies or blow up mattress travel for toddlers (here is what we use and love), having their lovey (12 months and older!), and the same sleep sack or blanket.

    Does sharing a room make kids closer? ›

    It helps them form a bond.

    One of the most obvious benefits of having kids share a room is that it naturally brings them closer together. “Children will definitely form a good bond,” Clare Ford, a parenting coach, tells Romper.

    Should I sleep in the same room as my child? ›

    McArdle makes it very clear that the child should sleep in the same room as the parent — NOT the same bed. “In the same room as the parent decreases the risk of SIDS,” or sudden infant death syndrome, she says.

    Can my son and daughter sleep in the same room? ›

    There are no state or federal laws against most opposite gender siblings sharing a room in their own home, but some institutions do regulate how spaces are shared.

    Where should a 2.5 year old sleep on vacation? ›

    If you are staying in a hotel, most major hotel chains will provide a crib to you at no extra cost when you travel with a baby or a toddler. This solution is great for certain types of travel when you can trust that the hotel will have something safe, comfortable, and clean for your child.

    Should 2 year old sleep with parents? ›

    Although some parents see benefits to co-sleeping with their child, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend it. It's much safer for your infant or toddler to sleep alone in their own bed.

    Is it better to travel at night or day with a toddler? ›

    Small children can get irritable in the evening, especially if they've been cooped up in a car, train, or plane for several hours. Flying or driving in the evening can have advantages, too. If your journey coincides with bedtime or starts shortly after a feeding, your child may sleep through the trip.

    Do hotels know if you bring a guest? ›

    If you're staying at a motel, no one's checking on the number of guests or visitors. Even at high end hotels, unless you're being loud or disturbing other guests, no one's going to come knocking on your door to pay up for mis-stating the occupancy of the room.

    Will hotels provide a crib? ›

    You might be asking yourself, “do hotels provide cribs?” The answer is: yes. Most hotels will rent you a crib to use in your room at a small fee or even for free. However, we always recommend packing your own sleeper if possible!

    Can you have guests come into your hotel room? ›

    It depends on the hotel. Larger hotels usually don't even try to control it, since it would require too much additional effort. Smaller hotels might allow visitors but require that they sign in and show identification. There may be restrictions on the hours for visiting, on the use of facilities, etc.

    Is it cheaper to share a hotel room? ›

    Because you split your fare with your travel partner, you get considerably more value for your money than if you were to stay in a luxury room alone or enjoy absolute opulence for the same price you could a three-star hotel.

    Do hotels mind if 5 people stay in a 2 person room? ›

    No, hotels typically don't mind if 5 people stay in a 2 person room. However, it is important to check with the hotel beforehand as some may have restrictions on how many people can occupy a single room.

    How many adults can share a hotel room? ›

    In the US, it's quite common that hotels allow up to 4 people in a room, though some may limit it to two adults. On the other hand, some hotels (though somewhat rare) charge an additional fee beyond even the first person. In the Middle East and Europe, it's not uncommon to be charged beyond the third occupant.

    How do I avoid extra guest fees? ›

    The easiest way to avoid these surprise fees is to book with a travel agent or directly through the hotel's website. By booking through a travel agent, you can avoid the fees altogether. If you book through the hotel's website, the best way to avoid the fees is to call and ask about them upfront.

    Can 2 people share a hotel room? ›

    If advance room type selection is available for your hotel, you'll see the option to make your choice (1 bed or 2 beds) by tapping “Room type” before booking. And rest assured: every room, no matter the type, will fit at least two adults (some hotels may charge an additional fee for more than two people).

    How many guests are allowed in a hotel room? ›

    Normally two guests can be accommodated in one room comfortably and another one guest can stay as an extra person upon booking.

    At what age is it safe for siblings to share a room? ›

    At what age is it okay for siblings to share a room? I generally don't recommend that babies share a room with a sibling until a MINIMUM of 6 months of age, but preferably until they are at least one.

    When should siblings start sharing a room? ›

    Q: What does the AAP say about sibling room sharing? A: The AAP recommends that infants should room share with their parents but on a separate sleep surface ideally for at least the first 6 months of life. We recommend holding off on room sharing until your younger child is at least 1 year of age.

    Do infants count as hotel guest? ›

    But back to your main question, when booking your hotel reservation, you will need to include your infant in your Guest count. When you start searching for your hotel room, you will be required to put the number of children that will be staying in the room, along with their age.

    What age can you share a room with a baby? ›

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the best place for a baby to sleep is in his parents' bedroom. He should sleep in his own crib or bassinet (or in a co-sleeper safely attached to the bed), but shouldn't be in his own room until he is at least 6 months, better 12 months.

    Where does 2 year old sleep on vacation? ›

    If you are staying in a hotel, most major hotel chains will provide a crib to you at no extra cost when you travel with a baby or a toddler. This solution is great for certain types of travel when you can trust that the hotel will have something safe, comfortable, and clean for your child.

    Does a 2 year old count as a hotel guest? ›

    Generally, the baby doesn't "count" until they need a bed of their own.

    Can I leave baby alone in hotel room? ›

    Never leave a child alone in your hotel room. You wouldn't leave your baby home alone to grab a bite to eat. Don't let the vacation cause you to lose your common sense. Monitor or no monitor, resist the temptation, even if your hotel room is within sight.

    What age does a child count in a hotel? ›

    The normal hotel policy is not to charge for children if they are under twelve years of age. Some hotels will limit occupancy of a room to two adults and one child. Only a few hotels will have existing bedding for additional children, so an extra bed is usually required.

    How do I stay in a hotel with my 18 month old? ›

    What to Pack for a Hotel Stay with a Baby or Toddler
    1. Extra diapers and wipes.
    2. Your own pack n play or travel bassinet.
    3. Familiar comfort item/lovey (9 months +)
    4. Books/toys for daytime entertainment.
    5. SlumberPod + fan.
    6. Sound machine / white noise.
    7. Stocked diaper bag/travel bag.
    Jun 15, 2021

    Do kids count in the guest list? ›

    Children are sometimes a little more flexible. Generally, if it is an infant or small child will not be included in the guest count if they will be sitting in a parents lap. However, if the child will sit and eat on his or her own, they will be counted.

    Can a 2 and 3 year old share a room? ›

    The simple answer: any age, but I recommend waiting until the youngest is at LEAST 2.5 years old (sleep regressions before then happen almost every 6 months, yikes!). If you decide to move your children into the same room, read the below and follow the steps, and manage your own expectations.

    What age is SIDS a risk? ›

    The peak incidence of SIDS occurs between 1 – 4 months of age; 90% of cases occur before 6 months of age. Babies continue to be at risk for SIDS up to 12 months.

    How long is room-sharing recommended? ›

    As we said, the AAP recommends room-sharing for at least six months. But that's not a hard and fast rule, and some families move their little one to the nursery before they reach the half-year mark.

    What ages are a toddler? ›

    Toddlers (2-3 years of age)


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