MGM Grand Pool Review Las Vegas – Everything you Need to Know about the MGM Grand Pool (2023)

The MGM Pool Deck is in our opinion one of Las Vega’s most overlooked pools. It has a great, party atmosphere, Lush green surroundings, Loads of fun things to do, and some of the best value Cabanas and seating options on the strip. So anyone staying in the MGM Grand is in for a real treat when visiting the Hotels Pool Deck.

In our MGM Grand Pool Review, we provide you with everything you need to know about the Pool Deck at the MGM. We look at the different pool areas, the Bar and Dining options, Drink Prices, what to see and do there and take a look at the great value Cabanas, Daybeds, and Reserved seating. You really can while away your days lounging by the pool and we show you how and why this deck is a great choice and one of the best in Vegas!

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The MGM Grand Pool Complex, Las Vegas

  • Location – MGM Grand Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  • Pools – 4 Pools, Lazy River, Hot-Tubs, and The Wet Repbublic Day Club
  • Bars and Restaurants – Cabana Grill – Several Small Bars
  • Theme – Tropical Party Pool!
  • Drink Prices – Cocktails – $15-12oz/$24-32oz – Beers $9.50/Bucket of 5 $40


To start let’s take a look at the pool layout. It looks quite simple from the map below but the deck is actually a maze of bridges and pathways that are pretty hard to navigate! The first few times we visited we didn’t even find some of the available pools! Click the map to open in a new tab so you can easily refer to it as we go on!

Different Pools and Areas

Now let’s take a quick look at the different pools and amenities on offer when visiting the Pool Complex to help you understand everything on offer.

4 Pools

The Pool complex features 4 separate pools for you to choose from. While many of these have reserved seating and Cabana options around them, there are also free seats around most of them so you can really choose your favorite.

The Main pool is always lively and fun with a real party vibe and its own Hottub/Spa. The Live Lucky Pool is Actually the largest pool and if we were naming it we would call it the Main pool. Again this is a really fun Pool with lots going on most of the time. There are abundant free seats around the pool and it’s a big pool with plenty of opportunities to cool off. There is also a DJ Booth and live music is played at busy times, which is either fun or a bit annoying depending on your preference or even your mood.

The Splash Pool is more of a quiet pool. This is a smaller pool and despite its name, suggesting it’s a shallower pool it’s exactly the same depth as the rest 3.5ft. While this is a great option to relax and unwind, we find it quite often closed off for some reason!

The Reserve Pool is an 18+ option which really is a bit unnecessary at the MGM as it is quite an adult pool anyway. And while the pool is reserved for adults there are still free walk-up beds available you just have to prove you are 18+.

Overall the Complex is pretty Massive and maze-like with a number of bridges and walkways connecting the different areas. You are always able to find the perfect spot either quiet and tucked away or right in the thick of things.

So which is our favorite pool? Well, none of the above! Our favorite spot is yet to be mentioned so read on!

3 Hotubs / Whirlpools

In addition to the main pools, there are also 3 Hottubs, Whirlpools, or Spa’s whatever you call them, but they are warm and bubbly! These can be pretty crowded and the extra heat is not welcome during the summer months, but they are there and very enjoyable in the quieter cooler months.

Lazy River

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The Lazy River is easily our favorite part of the Pool Complex and where we head to make our home for the Day. The area is the most heavily themed and feels very tropical with palm trees, greenery, and a selection of waterfalls making the whole area cooler and more relaxing. There is a pool area in the center which is quite small but has overhead waterfalls and fountains and a large rocky structure at one side.

The main pool leads out into the Lazy River itself which is where the fun really begins. This is the longest Lazy River in Vegas and Meanders around the complex for over 1000ft. It is over twice the size of Mandalay Bays and passes under waterfalls, bridges, and water fountains as you float along past the endless sunbathers on your trip around the Complex.

You have the option of buying an innertube or bringing your own, but most people just relax in the water floating along without the need for a flotation aid. Prices vary and seem to go up each year but are currently around $25 for a tube. If you are prepared you can pick on up in Walmart or on Amazon for a whole lot less. The lifeguards may reject oversized inflatables but regular tubes are fine! But we get by just fine without!

Overall the River is just the most fun place to be in the complex. Without it, the MGM Grand Pool would be distinctly average but the River just ups the ante making the pool one of our favorites in Las Vegas!

Wet Republic

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Wet Republic is one of the original and still one of the best Pool Parties on the Strip! Really it is a separate attraction from the main pool Deck and requires separate ticketing. So we do not want to go into too much detail here.

Anyone can attend Wet Republics Pool Parties and you do not need to be a Hotel Guest. The Parties are wild with hundreds of guests enjoying a daytime Club atmosphere in and around the Ultra Pool. Music is provided by top DJs including some of the biggest names in Dance Music (Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Tiesto… ). If this is your thing definitely check it out as it doesn’t get much better than Wet Republic.

What is the MGM Grand Pool Really like?

So far we have painted a very rosy picture of the Pool deck but there are a few negatives. Firstly, the party crowd that likes to frequent the pool is not the tidiest. We have heard and experienced for ourselves instances of little spillages not being cleared throughout the day. This means the deck can get quite grubby as the day goes on!

Again the Party crowd is not to everyone’s tastes. There is little escape at the MGM pool deck and it’s a lively atmosphere all day. If you are looking for a peaceful relaxing time you are less likely to find it here than at other pools.

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Space is also a bit of an issue. The layout of the deck makes for an unorganized area and clumps of sun loungers are lumped together and getting your own space can be challenging. For those with an aversion to other people, you are likely to find yourself in quite close quarters to strangers!

These are minor issues really and are mostly about preference. On the whole, it’s a great deck. It’s a whole load of fun and the atmosphere is a really nice one. It ranks really high in our Best Pool Deck in Las Vegas Awards. And most of the above issues can be solved by looking at the reserved seating options Below.

Reserve Seating, Cabanas, and Day Beds

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The large and lively crowd that frequents the MGM Grand Pool Deck does present some issues. Unless you get to the pool at opening then getting a prime spot is challenging, and even then if you leave the pool for an extended time then the Life Guards may remove your towels to release the bed to other users. You also cannot really risk leaving anything valuable on your bed and expect it to be there when you get back (an issue at most pools and beaches worldwide). Finally getting your own space is also problematic as the guests can be squeezed in like sardines.

One way to solve all these issues is reserving seating. This can either be via a Deluxe Lounge Chair, A Day Bed, or the ultimate in luxury a Cabana Rental. MGM has some of the best value Cabana Options in the City and we take a look at why below!

Food And Beverage Credit

For Day Beds and Cabanas half the price you pay is given back to you in the form of Food and Beverage Credit! (Some Day Beds only offer Beverage Credit) This used to be common in Vegas but is pretty much unheard of now apart from at MGM. Very few people don’t order drinks or food when they are renting Cabanas or Daybeds as the whole point is feeling like a VIP and getting waited on, so knowing there is money there waiting to be spent is great.

However, when prices are high it can be quite hard to get through the credit, especially if there are only 2 of you. A $500 Weekend DayBed in high-season gives you $250 of Beverage Credit…Good luck! Most people at those prices would plump for Bottle Service which is a wonderful luxury!

Reserve Seating

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  • Deluxe Chair – $50-150

The Reserved Seating Options are not the best value. They do not come with F&B Credit, and you need to book one chair per person. This makes the outright cost of Daybed comparable in cost, but with the added bonus of F&B Credit, it’s a No-Brainer!

Day Beds or Pods

Daybeds can offer incredible value when compared to Reserved chairs. Prices are per bed not per person and include either Beverage or food and Beverage Credit. As you can see at the cheaper end they can be cheaper outright than reserving a chair ($60 vs $100 for 2 people) AND include the Credit making them phenomenally good value. Even when prices start getting silly at busy times when you factor in how much credit you get they work out a lot cheaper than just renting a lounge chair.

The Pods are of great value for 2 people, especially couples. They can be located in a variety of places and are plenty spacious for two. You get a storage cabinet (although not a Safe) and a sunshade. Like all Reserved beds, you get personal Towel Service, a dedicated host, and bottled water.

The Daybeds are larger but we question if they are big enough for 4 as advertised! Unless you are a very close group or family it’s going to be pretty intimate on the bed! However, if prices are high 4 of you are going to get through the credit a lot faster than 2, you can probably make use of some free bed and get the party started that way. And you do get an actual Safe with the Day Beds!

The Luxury Day Beds are really cool and are poolside at the Lazy river and feature Submerged Sun Loungers which make you feel really baller!

  • Pool Side Pod – 2 People – 50% Beverage Credit – $60-500
  • Lazy River Pod – 2 People – 50% Beverage Credit – $80-500
  • Pool Side Daybed – 4 People – 50% Beverage Credit – $100-700
  • Lazy River Daybed– 4 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $100-850
  • Luxury Day Bed – 4 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $150-1000


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Cabanas at MGM Grand pool are the ultimate in luxury and personal space. You get your own Terrace with 4 Sun loungers, and an indoor tented area with Seating, Storage, Lockers Fans, and Fridges along with a Flat Screen TV. You get Prime positions and a wonderful dedicated host. This is very important as you are likely to have a lot of Food And Beverage Credit to burn through.

The Cabanas are rated for 10 guests and while we think that far too many, these are some of the larger Cabana available, and 6 adults would easily be able to share the space, 8 at a push but access to sun lingers could become an issue if you are all sun worshipers.

The Cabanas are located in 4 places around the pool deck. And apart from the location are all pretty much identical. The Live Lucky Cabanas are our least favorites. These are plonked next to the Party Cabanas so you could be dealing with large rowdy crowds right next door, but if you are looking for a lively time they could be right up your street. The Party Cananas are really good value if you are in a big crew. These easily host 8 people and 12+ is no issue and they really are not much more expensive than the Regular Cabanas. 10-12 People will burn through the F&B Credit in minutes!

If you are looking for quiet then the Private Reserve Cabanas are really secluded over by the much quieter Adult’s pool. But again our favorites are the Lazy River Cabanas! Located either to the Eastside or Westside of the River Route these are just amazing places to spend your day. You also get the best use out of the 4 FREE Tubes that come ready inflated inside the Cabanas. For us, the Westside is slightly more secluded and is our preference, but there is little in it and we would not pay more for either location over the other.

Are MGM Grand Cabanas worth it?

This is a hard question to answer as the prices range pretty aggressively depending on season and occupancy. Value is also defined by how many are in your group. $2000 for a couple is insane money and you could never get through $1000 F&B credit! But for a group of six, it’s only $166 each plus $166 to blow on food and drink, and that’s not that hard at Vegas Pool Prices!

Essentially, the answer, no matter how you cut it, is no. The Cabanas are a waste of money, but that’s the point. They are an absolute luxury, and one that is incredibly enjoyable. Having your own private space at one of the hottest pools on the strip, being weighted on hand and foot (with bottle service they will even pour your drinks!) while indulging in copious amounts of food and drink is one of Vegas’s little moments of Magic.

How Much are MGM Grand Cabanas?

  • Live Lucky Cabana – 10 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $700-1800+
  • East River Cabana – 10 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $750-2000+
  • West River Cabana – 10 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $750-2000+
  • Private Reserve Cabana– 10 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $700-2000+
  • MGM Party Cabana – 20 People – 50% Food & Beverage Credit – $800-2000+

Bars and Restaurants

All food and drink needs are performed by the Cabana Grill. While there are several other bars dotted around it’s all the same menu as the Grill. You can head to the grill and sit in their outdoor seating area or like most people enjoy the food poolside!

The Menu is pretty decent for Vegas Pool Food. Most Pools in Vegas offer a very similar menu and it’s far from exciting. Burger, tacos, Pizza, Sandwiches, and of course the obligatory Chicken Tenders. All of which are present at the Cabana Grill, along with a few items not always available at other pools such as sushi and Lobster Nachos! There is also a pretty decent Breakfast menu which is nice to enjoy before the temperature gets too high!

Basically, it’s a decent pool cafe, but on the whole pool cafes in Vegas are not great so this is the best of a so-so bunch.

Drink Prices at the MGM Grand Pool

There are several bars dotted around the Pool Deck. If you are sitting on Free sun loungers then Cocktail waitresses will circle the area and take food or drink orders but on the whole, they are quite infrequent and very busy so your order may be slow. On the whole, it’s often quicker to jump up and grab a drink yourself. Naturally, if you have a dedicated host let them do the work!

Bars are located at the Cabana Grill, The Reserve Pool, Live Lucky Pool, and the Lazy River.

Prices and menus are uniforms across all bars. Don’t expect cheap drinks at Las Vegas Pools! Prices are as eye-watering as you would expect for a captive audience and they can even Surge charge when it’s really busy!

Beers come in at $10 each or a bucket of 6 is $50 ($8.33 each). These come sealed and served in a bucket of Ice to keep cool through the day. Remember if you don’t get through all 6 they are sealed bottles so take them with you. You would be amazed how many people leave full unopened bottles after a day by the pool!

If you are more of a wine drinker, do not expect much. Wine is served in cans and will come in three varieties…Red, White, and Sparkling, there is no Wine Cellar here! Cans are $14 and a bucket of 5 is $55 so pretty horrific for cheap supermarket wine! You can also get the newly trendy Hard Selzers also by the can at $10 or a bucket of 6 for $50.

If you are not a beer drinker cocktails are the better option. These come in large cups and are either the classic style or Frozen slushy drinks. Both are premixed and incredible sweet varieties and are not overly strong but that’s a good thing when sitting in the sun all day. Prices are $14-16 for a 12oz or $27-29 for the 32oz oversized souvenir cups.

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Overall the offering from the MGM is one of the best pool experiences on the Strip. It’s a fun and lively young crowd, so make sure that is your thing, and the complex is really diverse and fun. The theme is a bit lacking, but it makes up for this by just being really lush, green, and tropical.

It really is so much fun and we love the Food and Beverage Credit is included in the Cabana Rental. The lazy river is awesome fun and the overall vibe is just right. It’s not flash and posy like Caesars Palace Pool but a bit more adult than Mandalay. We still prefer Mirage, but the MGM is not far behind and a better choice if you are after fun rather than relaxation.

It really is one of the best pools in La Vegas and a real boost to anyone staying at the MGM Grand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take Your Own Drinks In?

No, Outside food and drink are not allowed into the pool area. The big exception to this is food and drink purchased inside the Hotel. So you can grab a Giant Marg from in the food hall or a Blizz Frozen Yoghurt or just a morning Starbucks by the pool. As long as it’s from the Hotel.

Bags will be checked and outside food and drink refused! Water Bottles and Snacks are usually overlooked!

Can Non-Guests Use the MGM Grand Pool?

No, not unless you book reserved seating, a daybed, or a Cabana. Technically there is a rule stating only hotel guests can book beds but this is not enforced and we have done it plenty of times at various pools. However, this may be restricted during Covid-19?

Can You Bring Your Own Tubes?

Yes, if you want to avoid the $25 charge for a Tube bag one at Walmart or one of the many Vegas Gift stores, or be organized and grab one off Amazon before you go!

Can MGM Signature Guests use the MGM Grand Pool?

YES, MGM Signature Guests can use the Main MGM Pool, however, this is not reciprocated and NLY Signature guests can use the Tower Pools. It is a short walk over from the Signature to the MGM Grand. Remember to show your Key Card for entry.

Can Wet Republic Guests use the MGM Pool?

Yes, the entrance to the Day Club is in the MGM Grand pool so tickets to Wet republic will get you into the pool complex where you can try out the hotel facilities before hitting the club. You can also kick back afterward as you are not thrown out completely after leaving the Club.

Have Your Say

Have you visited the MGM Grand Pool Complex? What were your thoughts? What did you like about the deck and what did you like less? Which pool did you prefer? And did you ride the Lazy River? Let us know if you booked seats, a Daybed, or a Cabana? What were your impressions of the paid options? Let us know whatever you have to say in the comments below.

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