Shoe Sizing Guide With Standard Shoe Size Chart: Length & Width (2023)

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Shoe Sizing Guide: Understanding shoe sizing & Standard Measurement Process

Understanding the standard shoe size and the measurement units is extremely important. If you think closely, you would understand that you and your kid (Toddler or infant) may wear the same shoe size of 6. But do the actual length or width measure the same for both the shoes? Obviously not, and your shoe size is significantly larger than your baby. The same thing applies to a man and woman’s shoe sizing. Both men and women can wear the same 11 shoe size, but any standard show brand will have the man shoe at least half inch longer than the women’s’. Things get even a little trickier if we consider the shoe width, and it goes without saying that the shoe sizing varies to some extent from manufacturer to manufacturer and different countries use the different measurement units.

Though it may sound way too complicated but if you are able to measure your feet precisely with the help of measuring tape and you have the right shoe size conversion chart for the different measuring units, you will definitely find the right shoe size for your feet, which would fit perfectly on your feet.

Standard shoe Sizing Basic Components

There are two basic types of shoe size measurement i.e., length and width and shape definitely has nothing to do with sizing and the geographical location variation as the International sizing measurement.


Regardless of the brand or shoe country origin, the numerical shoe number is based on the length of the foot. It is calculated by the distance from the heel to the longest toe.


Width may not be necessarily available for all the brands, but it is also very critical to know your feet’ width to find a comfortable pair that fits perfectly on your legs. Depending on the length size, most of the shoes come with a standard width, but there are some other varieties available as well as in wider or narrower styles. Brands use a letter or group of letters, such as “D” or “EEEE” to describe the shoe width. You may also find that the letters are replaced by a combination of letters and numbers, such as “7E.”

Not all the manufacturers nor all the brands come with a wide range of width varieties for a particular number of numerical shoe numbers and they basically manufacture shoes with width to the proportional of foot length. Let me give you an example. To be considered as a standard shoe, a size 8 will have a 3 9/16 inches wide. However, if you have a foot that is 3 9/16 inches wide but your foot measures 5 sizes, then definitely you will need a wider shoe for your size 5 shoe measurement.

International Variations:

Different countries use different shoe measurement units. The person who wears size 6 in The United States of America will have to purchase size 4 in the United Kingdom to find the perfect fitting shoe. Japan size 15 would need the US 8 and the European size 24.

Finding your right shoe size: Shoe Sizing Guide (Measurements)

If you already know your shoe size, you can go and purchase any international shoe brand keeping the conversion charts provided above. Regardless it’s a newborn or a grown-up man’s shoes; every shoe is manufactured keeping in mind the length and width of the feet. It is critical to understand your foot measurement; comparing the standard measurement shoe available in the market will ensure your shoe fits the way it should on your feet. But if you do not know your feet measurement yet, here is a step by step procedure you can follow to measure your feet:

How to Measure your Feet?

To measure preciously, you’ll need a piece of white paper a bit larger than your foot, a marker pen or charcoal pencil, and a measuring tape.

  1. Stand on even ground and place the white paper on the floor in front of you. In order to keep it firm and not to slide around, you can even use glue of duck tape to tape the white paper on the ground. Now put your foot on the paper and make sure to place in the middle.
  2. Now use the marker pen or the pencil to trace your feet from all the way around.
  3. When you are done, flip the paper over and trace the foot the same you did earlier on the other side of the paper.
  4. Now it’s time to use the measuring tape. Place the measuring tape on your traced heel to the longest toe point to get the length on your foot. Next, now measure the width at the widest point of your foot. You can embed the numbers on the traced paper or can write them down somewhere else if you prefer.
  5. Now to have a very precise measurement count, you can subtract ¼ inch or about ½ centimeter from both the length and the width to refine account the pencil outline and thin air margin while drawing the foot outline.
  6. There you are. The got your foot measurement now find your fitting shoe size from the chart provided below.
  7. Use these measurements to find your shoe size on the chart below.

Helpful Measuring Tips to Get the most Precise Foot Measurement

You can keep thins points in mind while measuring your foot to get the best possible measuring results:

  • Some people have a swell on their feet at the end of the day. So it’s better to take your measurements at the end of the day that when you get the shoe pair, you do not feel uncomfortable while they swell.
  • You can wear socks before taking the measurements if you wear shows with them.
  • Do not forget to measure both feet. It is very common to have two different foot sizes and statistically, it is the left one.
  • Keeping balance while tracing is important, if you have a hard time keeping your balance, you can place a chair/table beside you, or you can lean against a wall to have the balance right.

Women’s Shoes Length and Width Charts in Centimeters and Inches

Length (inches)Length (centimeters)US SizeUK SizeEuropean SizeJapanese Size
8 9/16″21.6 cm5335/3622
8 3/4″22.2 cm5.53.53622.5
8 7/8″22.5 cm6436/3723
9 1/16″23 cm6.54.53723.5
9 1/4″23.5 cm7537/3824
9 3/8″23.8 cm7.55.53824.5
9 1/2″24.1 cm8638/3925
9 11/16″24.6 cm8.56.53925.5
9 7/8″25.1 cm9739/4026
10″25.4 cm9.57.54026.5
10 3/16″25.9 cm10840/4127
10 3/8″26.2 cm10.58.54127.5
10 1/2″26.7 cm11941/4228
10 11/16″27.1 cm11.59.54228.5
10 7/8″27.6 cm121042/4329

US Women’s Shoes Size Narrow to Wide Conversion chart

US SizeNarrow (AA) (inches)Narrow (AA) (cm)Medium (M or B) (inches)Medium (M or B) (cm)Wide (D) inchesWide (D) (cm)Extra Wide (EE) (inches)Extra Wide (EE) (cm)
52 13/16″7.1 cm3 3/16″8.1 cm3 9/16″9 cm3 15/16″10 cm
5.52 7/8″7.3 cm3 1/4″8.3 cm3 5/8″9.2 cm4″10.1 cm
62 15/16″7.5 cm3 5/16″8.4 cm3 11/16″9.4 cm4 1/16″10.3 cm
6.53″7.6 cm3 3/8″8.6 cm3 3/4″9.5 cm4 1/8″10.5 cm
73 1/16″7.8 cm3 7/16″8.7 cm3 13/16″9.7 cm4 3/16″10.6 cm
7.53 1/8″8 cm3 1/2″8.9 cm3 7/8″9.9 cm4 1/4″10.8 cm
83 3/16″8.1 cm3 9/16″9 cm3 15/16″10 cm4 5/16″11 cm
8.53 1/4″8.3 cm3 5/8″9.2 cm4″10.1 cm4 3/8″11.1 cm
93 5/16″8.4 cm3 11/16″9.4 cm4 1/16″10.3 cm4 7/16″11.3 cm
9.53 3/8″8.6 cm3 3/4″9.5 cm4 1/8″10.5 cm4 1/2″11.4 cm
103 7/16″8.7 cm3 13/16″9.7 cm4 3/16″10.6 cm4 9/16″11.6 cm
10.53 1/2″8.9 cm3 7/8″9.9 cm4 1/4″10.8 cm4 5/8″11.8 cm
113 9/16″9 cm3 15/16″10 cm4 5/16″11 cm4 11/16″11.9 cm
11.53 5/8″9.2 cm4″10.1 cm4 3/8″11.1 cm4 3/4″12.1 cm
123 11/16″9.4 cm4 1/16″10.3 cm4 7/16″11.3 cm4 13/16″12.2 cm

Men’s Shoes Length and Width Charts in Centimeters and Inches

Length (inches)Length (centimeters)US SizeUK SizeEuropean SizeJapanese Size
9 1/4″23.5 cm65.53925
9 1/2″24.1 cm6.5639/4025.5
9 5/8″24.4 cm76.54026
9 3/4″24.8 cm7.5740/4126.5
9 15/16″25.4 cm87.54127
10 1/8″25.7 cm8.5841/4227.5
10 1/4″26 cm98.54228
10 7/16″26.7 cm9.5942/4328.5
10 9/16″27 cm109.54329
10 3/4″27.3 cm10.51043/4429.5
10 15/16″27.9 cm1110.54430
11 1/8″28.3 cm11.51144/4531
11 1/4″28.6 cm1211.54532
11 1/2″29.2 cm12.51245/46
11 9/16″29.5 cm1312.546
11 3/4″30.2 cm13.51346/47
12 3/16″31 cm1413.547
12″31 cm14.51447/48
12 1/8″31.4 cm1514.548
12 1/2″32 cm161549/50
13″33 cm17

Men’s Shoes Size Narrow to Wide Conversion chart

US Shoe SizeNarrow (B) (inches)Narrow (B) (cm)Medium (D) (inches)Medium (D) (cm)Wide (EE) (inches)Wide (EE) (cm)Extra-Wide (4E) (inches)Extra-Wide (4E) (cm)Extra, Extra-Wide (6E) (inches)
63 5/168.43 1/28.93 11/169.43 7/89.84 1/16
6.53 3/88.639/169.03 3/49.53 15/1610.04 1/8
73 7/168.73 5/89.23 13/169.7410.243/16
7.53 1/28.93 11/169.43 7/89.841/1610.34 1/4
83 9/169.03 3/49.53 15/1610.04 1/810.545/16
8.53 5/89.23 13/169.7410.243/1610.64 3/8
93 11/169.43 7/89.841/1610.34 1/410.847/16
9.53 3/49.53 15/1610.04 1/810.545/1611.04 1/2
103 13/169.7410.243/1610.64 3/811.149/16
10.53 7/89.841/1610.34 1/410.847/1611.34 5/8
113 15/1610.04 1/810.545/1611.04 1/211.44 11/16
11.5410.243/1610.64 3/811.149/1611.64 3/4
124 1/1610.34 1/410.847/1611.34 5/811.74 13/16
12.54 1/810.545/1611.04 1/211.44 11/1611.94 7/8
134 3/1610.64 3/811.149/1611.64 3/412.14 15/16
13.54 1/410.847/1611.34 5/811.74 13/1612.25
144 5/1611.04 1/211.44 11/1611.94 7/812.451/16
14.54 3/811.149/1611.64 3/412.14 15/1612.55 1/8
154 7/1611.34 5/811.74 13/1612.2512.753/16

Children’s Shoes Length and Width Charts in Centimeters and Inches

Length (inches)Length (centimeters)US SizeUK SizeEuropean SizeJapanese Size
3 1/8″7.9 cm0015
3 1/2″8.9 cm10.516
3 5/8″9.2 cm1.5117
3 3/4″9.5 cm2117
4″10.2 cm2.51.518
4 1/8″10.5 cm321812
4 1/4″10.8 cm3.52.51912/12.5
4 1/2″11.4 cm431912.5
4 5/8″11.7 cm4.53.52012.5/13
4 3/4″12.1 cm542013
5″12.7 cm5.54.52113.5
5 1/8″13 cm652214
5 1/4″13.3 cm6.55.52214/14.4
5 1/2″14 cm762314.5
5 5/8″14.3 cm7.56.52314.5/15
5 3/4″14.6 cm872415
6″15.2 cm8.57.52514/15.5
6 1/8″15.6 cm982515.5
6 1/4″15.9 cm9.58.52616
6 1/2″16.5 cm1092716.5
6 5/8″16.8 cm10.59.52716.5/17
6 3/4″17.1 cm11102817
7″17.8 cm11.510.52917/17.5
7 1/8″18.1 cm12113017.5
7 1/4″18.4 cm12.511.53018
7 1/2″19.1 cm13123118.5
7 5/8″19.4 cm13.512.53118.5/19
7 3/4″19.7 cm1133219
8″20.3 cm1.5143319.5
8 1/8″20.6 cm213320
8 1/4″21 cm2.51.53420.5
8 1/2″21.6 cm323421
8 5/8″21.9 cm3.52.53521.5
8 3/4″22.2 cm433622
9″22.9 cm4.53.53622.5
9 1/8″23.2 cm543723
9 1/4″23.5 cm5.54.53723.5
9 1/2″24.1 cm653824
9 5/8″24.4 cm6.55.53824.5
9 3/4″24.8 cm763925
Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

Please do keep in mind Sizes may vary with brands, models and manufacturers. This is why, we can not guarantee that our size charts will always produce the exact right sizes. If you are a store or brand owner, feel free to reach us and we would list your sizing charts with the brand name.

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